28CM Tall Human Anatomy Torso Biological Teaching Model

1/6 Torso Model,Educational Mini Human Anatomy Torso Model
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Name : 28CM Tall Human Anatomy Torso 15 Parts
Model No.: R030112
Material : Safety and environmental pvc material 
Size: 12*6*28CM
Weight :  1.1 KGS
This most popular educational torso feature 15 parts,including torso,brain(2 parts),calvarium,heart,lung(4parts),stomach,diaphragm,liver,heart,trachea&esophagus&aorta,pancreas and spleen. The Human Torso Anatomy Model is a wonderful and complete anatomical torso, allowing for a variety of studies.

28cm Human Anatomy Torso

28cm Human Anatomy TorsoHuman Anatomy TorsoHuman Anatomy TorsoHuman Anatomy Torso

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