3times Enlarged Human Ear Anatomical Model

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Name : Human Ear model
Model No.: R070118
Material : Safety and environmental pvc material 
Size: 33*16*24CM
Weight :

0.8 KGS

An interesting and informative model illustrates the structures of hearing and balance.Ear ossicles are removable. Mounted on base.
3d human ear model3d human ear model3d human ear model3d human ear model


1. The product is made of eco-friendly low toxicity and safe high quality PVC.

2. OEM & ODM are welcomed.

3.  Good Quality: We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market.

4. Never stink. The smell of plastic products is an extremely important indicator to measure its environmental and safety effect.

5. Never distortion. Not easy to broken. No effusion liquid.
6. High-quality at factory price. Widely-used. Customizable. Timely delivery.
8. It is convenient, practical, flexible for doctor to use, For students and teachers to understand human anatomy.

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