Professional Medical Human Anatomical Head Skull Brain Model

This model shows the brain structure inside the skull.
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Name : Advanced brain with arteries on head model, brain with arteries model 9 parts, brain model
Model No.: R050115
Material : Safety and environmental pvc material 
Size: 18*22*20 CM
Weight :

1.7 KGS

1.This model shows the brain structure inside the skull.
2.Two halves brains can be disassembled into: frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital    lobes, half of brain stem, half of cerebellum.
3.Dissectible into 9 parts

Human brain model has an open head for anatomical study of the brain’s position in the skull. Each half of the model dissembles into four parts for effective demonstration: frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half of the brain stem, and half of the cerebellum. The model has a removable basilar artery for detailed examination. The head is horizontally divided at the skull’s base to provide a view of the brain, and the brain is medially divided to expose the brain arteries. The brain model is mounted on a base for display. Anatomical models are typically used as educational aids in medical and scientific classrooms and office settings.

Head Skull Brain ModelHead Skull Brain Model

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