PVC Cat Acupuncture Model for Veterinarian

This model shows 36 useful acupuncture points on left side of the cat body marked with mumerals.Made of PVC plastic.Used for veterinarian's reference.
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Name :   Cat Acupuncture model
Model No.:  R190126
Material :  Safety and environmental pvc material  
Size:  Life Size
Weight :

 0.5 KGS

Cat body acupuncture acupoint model made of PVC material, the right side of the model shows the cat's body shape and head and neck, trunk, hips and forelimbs and pinpoints the distribution of 36 commonly used needle points, the left shows shallow muscles, and excised the body wall , Showing the structure of the spine and viscera, the model is mainly used to study cat acupuncture acupuncture location and research veterinary acupuncture technology reference application.  

Cat Acupuncture Model

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