PVC Life Size Dog Skeleton Model For Medical Teaching

For medical institute to study the detail skeleton information.
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Name : Dog skeleton model with plastic stand
Model No.: R190112
Material : Safety and environmental pvc material 
Size: 40*20*30CM
Weight :

3.2 KGS

*Showing the whole body skeleton of dog,w/plastic stand.
*For medical teaching ,facilitate the understanding of dog skeleton .
* For medical institute to study the detail skeleton information.

Dog Skeleton Model

We are a professional anatomy model manufacturer and distributor of science and educational supplies for primary schools, middle schools, colleges, hospitals or medical institutes. and many organization and trading companies to establish long-term supply commodity relationship.

1)Factory main products: DPT of Orthopedics OperationHuman Skeleton Model,  Human Torso ModelHuman Head Part Model,  Eye Ear Nose Larynx ModelsHuman Heart ModelTooth ModelSkin ModelBreast Model,  Urinary Reproductivs SystemHuman Digestive System,  Respiratory SystemAnimal ModelMicrosturcture Model and so on..

2) Quality control one by one.our factory very many technical personnel is medical school's teachers and hospital's doctor .

large number of longterm  production.Long term focus on technology innovation and quality control. truly reflect the internal structure.

3) OEM is warmly welcome.we can also produce according to your designated styles.as long as you like.


4) Over ten years experience in export.We can provide the long-term superiority service for you.


5) They are very nice training supplies for teaching, make the teaching class with colorful aid.


6) Long term exported more than 100 countries,such as Germany,Japan,UK,France,Belgium,

Australia, New Zealand,Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Spain, Turkey,ect. 

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